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Staying Creative: Expanding and Adapting During the Pandemic

Like many of you, I’ve had to make some changes to adapt to this new normal. I’m very excited about to tell you about two new creative services I’m offering. Over the past year, I’ve been working to develop my style as a fine artist. About a year ago, I was feeling the itch to paint. I used to paint [...]

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Helping Small Business Respond to COVID-19

Limited Time Offers Packaged to Help You Jumpstart Many of us are using this time of social distancing to think about our goals and shift our marketing focus or start new projects, but budgets are tight. As many other businesses are doing, I’ve packaged some offers to let you get started with minimal financial investment. These are limited time offers [...]

2018 – The Year of the Dog Logos and Websites

According to the Chinese Calendar, the Year of the Dog begins on February 16th. But for me the year of the dog has already started. A relationship with an organization called dog*tec has me working on a number of fun logo and website projects. Logos Working the owners’ favorite dog breeds into them and the colors they said they liked [...]

Website Goals for the New Year

There are a lot of things we can do to refresh a website to meet your business goals for 2018. The first step is to review your goals and check to see that your website still supports them. What to Think About When Reviewing Your Website Goals Here are the some key questions to help you review your goals: Did [...]

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Designer to Create Your Logo

I love helping people with logos because they usually come to me when they’ve decided to strike out on their own and start a business. Sometimes they have a business and want to make a change or start another business. They’ve probably been on quite a journey leading up to this point. They bring me all of their ideas and [...]

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Small Businesses Must Blog, But You Have to Post Often – Learn From My Mistake

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail I’ve written about the benefits of blogging. I recommend blogging to most of my small business clients and have offered ways to get started and to keep it going. And listening to my own advice, I got off to a good start. But I failed to plan them out and thus, planned to fail. [...]

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