Project Description

I’ve been working with the Town of Herndon on their annual festival for many years, starting with a logo design back in 2002. I designed their website back in 2008 and refreshed it again in 2014 to make it mobile friendly. Luckily for me, this is a client that realizes the importance of keeping things fresh. And because we’ve developed the site in Joomla, we can redesign the site without disturbing the progress made with regard to search engine optimization.

In fall 2016, we revisted the site again with the goal of creating a better, more modern user experience that takes into account the ways we now prefer imagery to words, enjoy videos, and have become accustomed to scrolling quickly down a page on our touch screen devices.

Here are some of the goals of the redesign:

  • must work well on mobile devices
  • incorporate places to display more videos
  • easy to customize and incorporate a logo that changes annually
  • improve navigation and user journey
  • display social media feeds
  • improve the display of entertainment information

Visit the blog to learn more about this project.