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Project Description

The SAB website is more than a website, it’s a robust social engine/collaboration tool built to connect an international community of scientists spanning multiple fields of interest. The Science Advisory Board was looking to refresh the SAB brand and image and to give it the respect it deserved as a professional scientific member-only community. Being that this is a highly respected group of researchers, the site needed to represent them professionally and make them feel as if their voice, opinion and insight was being taken seriously.

The SAB team described the functionality they wanted to include and provided wireframe sketches. I designed a look and feel and presented layouts so they could visualize how each piece of it would work. I also designed icons, avatars for each field of scientific interest, and chose and prepared images for more than 30 teams.

Later we created a triptych of portable banners to promote the site at events and increase membership.

The client reports that since the site was launched, membership has doubled and site visitors have quadrupled. It also bolstered members’ confidence in the group itself, its mission, purpose and existence, leading to greater engagement by its members.


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